Session Keynote Lecture


Assoc. Prof. Deshinta Arrova Dewi
INTI International University, Nilai, Malaysia

Managing Editor for the Journal of Data Science
Leader for AI & IoT Research Track at FDSIT

Speech Title: The Intelligence Drug Discovery

Abstract: For drug development, traditional wet laboratory tests, validations, and synthetic techniques are expensive and time-consuming. Technological developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed how these methods are applied in drug discovery. AI approaches are transforming the field of drug discovery when combined with easily accessible data resources. Many AI-based models for different phases of drug development have been developed in the last few decades. The process of finding new drugs has been sped up by using these models in addition to traditional research. The keynote presentation covers various AI algorithms used in Drug Discovery and includes generative AI.

Biography: A highly motivated and enthusiastic educator and researcher with respectable knowledge in the Computer Science field. She has been exposed to the dynamic blended learning environment for Higher Education Learning Institutions for more than 20 years of services in Malaysia and Indonesia to provide the best learning experiences to learners using innovative methods of teaching and learning.

She filed a patent (PI 2018003069) that she worked on together with her final year student in the multimedia field. She has won several awards over the past five years among those are two Silver Awards at the International Inter Varsity Innovation Challenge 2023, a Gold Award at the International Science and Social Science Innovation Competition 2022, 1st Winner at the IEEE Innovation Competition 2022, Sharjah, UAE and Diamond Award (First Winner), Research Innovation & Poster Competition (RIPC), Malaysia in 2021.

Recently she expanded her research by leading a group of researchers to work on an employer project based in London, UK using Generative AI.